Thursday, 8 April 2010


I know it was meant to be spring already but in London is can never get warm early enough, so here to say goodbye to the cold weather one of my favorites soup recipes...its veeeery very simple to make, cheap and makes you feel warm inside...and it is of course, deliciooouuussss

Roasted butternut squash soup cut the butternut squash until chunks, theres no need to peal it but do remove the seeds. You can just make it with the squash or can also have some sweet potatoes and red onions, Sprinkle some cinnamon, cumin and nutmeg on the top, spray it with olive oil a couple of times and let it roast in a mild oven for 40 to 60 minutes (until its tender enough to go on the blender). O)n this recipe I have also used some chestnuts, because those pics were taken on Christmas time LOL but the main thing is that with butternut squash you can make many different combinations.

When the veggies are tender enough blend them with hot vegetable stock and season to taste, it's ready to serve. For extra creaminess you can add some mascarpone or goat's cheese.

while the oven still hot slice some half bakes ciabatta or white rolls, sprinkle some olive oil, powdered garlic, shredded cheese and oregano plus some cracked black pepper to taste, bake it for about 8 minutes or until its nice and golden...ENJOY IT!!!

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  1. Hi there...thanks for dropping by my blog...
    You know actually i didnt know churros were spanish either..i always thought they were a mexican delicacy as ive seen them in all the mexican restaurant menus and never in a spanish rest...i was surprised when wikipedia mentioned it was a spanish doughnut :)...
    and wow i didnt know the greenwich one was Brazilian..thats interesting...and yes you maybe right about the filling..since the taste was very caramel like..i jus assumed it wud be..dulce de leche sounds so much more like it and exotic. ooooh all this talk of churros is making me want some now:)


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