Monday, 30 May 2011

Trying to survive the bank holiday and alternative baking

Bank holiday weekend and we took the Friday off to allow us a good break from work. At this point of my new found eating habits my main problem is the down time during the weekends, when we don’t really do much and the mind turn into its old self and think about food and things I could be cooking and baking.

Trying to keep the mind busy I love doing my recipe research and that was when I crossed this great recipe for Quinoa Pizza on TASTY EATS AT HOME. I always have some Quinoa in the cupboard and considering how healthy that is I got myself some stringy mozzarella and roast peppers to try this recipe.

I follow the how thing very much to letter only;
1-  I used hempseed oil as that is just as good as olive oil but can be heated without affecting it’s properties.

2- I didn’t have any pizza sauce so I used some tined chopped tomatoes and some extra olive oil and oregano
3- I do not have a skillet at home but took the handle off an old frying pan which allowed me using the oven. If you have a metal handle frying pan that will do as well.
4 – I do not eat mushrooms so I’ve added my own toppings.

My opinion?
Definitely a filling dish and it is nice and crunchy on the edges however I found the Quinoa gives you a bit of a bitter crust. Maybe slightly sweeter ingredients for the topping would be the best choice; caramelized onions, goat’s cheese; figs; sun dried tomatoes and anything else that will balance out the bitterness of the quinoa crust.

My idea for the next weekend is trying the same thing, with wholegrain couscous as the flavour is a lot milder and although it will not be gluten free it will still be in line with my new wholegrain foods.

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