Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Feeling blessed

After yesterday's post I got myself thinking about how much I'm willing to compromise my baby raising ideas in order to have some peace of mind. I realized even though I gave into the fact that I'm willing to rock little guy to sleep I do feel a bit frustrated with the fact that I HAVE to rock him to sleep. My mind always wonder about all those silly cry-it-out technique thought out by men who had no idea of the physical reactions that happen inside a mother's body when they hear their baby crying. I've considered those technique once or twice but I knew for a fact my heart wouldn't let me go through with it.

Would that be ok if I just WANTED TO rock him?

Either way the point to this post is to say that this morning I decided to take another approach to the idea. After reading a rather touching post by Sara on Walking with Angels where she talks about the horrible feeling of losing one of her daughters. An idea that I can't even think of without tearing up, the pain from that kind of loss is just impossible to imagine.

After reading her story I've dried my tears out and looked down to see Harry happily playing on his mat, he then looked up at me and gave me a big smile and wiggled his belly as to invite me to play. At that moment it did not matter that I haven't slept much last night or that I was a bit hungry or had stuff to do, i just went down to the floor and gave him as many kisses and hugs as I possible could.

About half an hour later it was kip time and even though I've tried to get him to sleep just by lying by his side in the end I've picked him up and rocked him to sleep, only this time I felt really happy to BE ABLE to do it so. The sudden peace of mind  got into me and I just took my time, set on the rocking chair enjoying having my little guy in my arms, dummy in his mouth, fast asleep.

You know when people tell fuzzy eater that they should eat what they've got as there are kids out there who have no food at all? That's how I felt, i shouldn't be thinking of the fact that I have to rock my little boy to sleep instead I should feel blessed that I've been allow to do so as there are mum's out there who would give anything to have just one more sleepless night looking after their little angels.


  1. Absolutely. If rocking him to sleep works for you then do it. They grow up too quickly and before you know it you're missing those baby days when you could just scoop them up and cuddle them.

    CJ x

  2. What a beautiful post. You are so right. Sometimes nothing else matters when you have your little baby smiling and cooing at you. Thanks for joining in with Britmums carnival.

  3. As a Mum you do what works for your both. There are no hard rules in parenting only guidelines to be adapted.

  4. There is nothing wrong with rocking your little boy to sleep--there is time enough when he gets older to let him cry it out (like when he is 2 or 3 years old)--both of you obviously need that closeness right now!

  5. Hi Michele, thank you for commenting. Well at the moment there's hardly any sleep happening in this house and rocking is still happening but it isn't an issue. My main issue is that I am 100% against cry it out but not totally into attachment parenting so finding the balance is proving challenging. No one said raising a kid would be easy right?

  6. Lovely post. I did what people told me to do with my first and I'm certainly not doing it now. I refuse to use the naughty step, I don't want to upset my children - even if people tell me they NEED it. Because, let's be honest, they don't. And even when professionals tell me to do stuff I'm like erm no. It's easier for me now as I am on my 4th. But yes rocking, cuddling are all up there. I lost my brother when I was 2 so I saw what it was like for my mother too - very hard.

  7. I find funny how people like to tell you what to do. Every baby is different and so is every mum. I do believe in discipline but that is for when they can understand what discipline is and if you can be patincet and loving enough chances are we don't need to resource to naughty step and the lot. it isnt easy but I know it is possible so that is what I aim for. finger crossed lol


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