Saturday, 10 November 2012

Flashback Friday (even though today is Saturday!)

Worry free times with my beloved friends Sarah and Karen 
This picture was taken exactly 8 months before Harry was born.
Exact 6 days after this photo was taken, I've taken a pregnancy test, the first and only one to ever be positive.
About 7 days after this photo was taken, I was thinking of how much I've been drinking on that past month with all different events i had attended for work.
About  17 days after this photo was taken, I found myself thinking of the events of that day whilst reading the list of things you should avoid during pregnancy.Minutes later I was freaking out with the fact that on the day this photo was taken i was out for a SEAFOOD lunch where I had loads of SHELLFISH and WINE. Lunch was followed by about 4 JAGERBOMBS and MORE WINE at the office in the end of the afternoon.
Almost an year after this picture was taken I'm happy that was about the only drinking I've done during pregnancy. To be honest i really didn't fancy alcohol at all so that bit was easy - apart from the odd say when I had this funny craving for G&T but with all the sickness I was getting that came and went very quickly.

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  1. Oh dear, Harry is such a gorgeous little man. To make up to all those alcohol intakes...Harry suggests you to film yourself singing your lovely mum voice to him ;) haha

  2. Aws! Even if its way too late and Harry came as a gorgeous little still need to make up for all those alcohol intakes by filming yourself serenading a lovely song to your little Do it when your hubs in not around. haha

    Thanks for dropping over to my blog that leads me here to meet Harry and you xx

  3. Awwww I went through almost the exact same thing. We conceived our first whilst on a cruise and after falling in love with Margeretas I had the a lot when we got home. One night I had a lot and the next day I took a test and found out I was pregnant.
    Thank you for linking up to Flashback Friday xx


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