Friday, 2 November 2012

Flashback Friday - Halloween one year on...

This is a picture from Halloween last year. Life in general was very spooky then; the company i worked for was going under and I had just found out I was pregnant. Our  pregnancy although very welcome was never planned so that was another scary factor, one day I was looking for another job to keep on working with events and on the next I was facing the fact that I was pregnant and soon to be unemployed.
At that time I wasn't yet worried about the fact that I would soon become a mum and have this little life in my hands, someone who would be 100% dependent on me, a life-changing addition to my own life. No, by then I was more worried about how I was going to get through pregnancy and be able to buy all the stuff you need to buy AND move to a bigger flat if I was soon to loose my job? Worse, how was I to get a new job if I was pregnant?
This picture was taken at a friend's Halloween party. It was the very first time my other half ever dressed up for Halloween and I must say I actually think he had fun. On the way to the party people kept on looking at him with surprise and he would laugh. I particularly remember this girl - she must have been at least 30 - who kept on looking outside the bus and covering her face with her hands in order not to look at him.
The spookiest thing about that night? A completely stranger announced my pregnancy to the whole party. He is friend's with one of my former work colleagues - at that time,  apart from our families, only the 3 people who shared the office with me actually knew about the baby - and she told them about this girl in the office who got pregnant just a few weeks after stop taking the pill. That was a very surreal moment if ever so slightly embarrassing. Looking back, even though he was rather drank actually was quite a sweet thing he done.

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  1. his make up is amazing and surprisingly smudge free! did it stay like that by the end of the evening?
    i love the photos in your blog header - awww what a gorgeous little boy :)
    thanks for linking up x

  2. Hi Jenny, it was fun to do the make up but it didn't really stay on for long as he never shaved before it but it was fun anyways. Thank you, I find him gorgeous myself but I'm the mum lol...I do love photography and he has certainly become my favorite subject.


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