Wednesday, 28 November 2012

open uuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!

I have always -as in since Harry was born - said that when the time came to introduce solid foods I would go for the baby led weaning approach. After all everything has been baby led for the last 5 months and it hasn't been that bad so why not keep on going? I have been anxiously awaiting for little guy to get to 6 months and dreaming of amazing myself whilst watching him munching on bananas, sweet potatoes and what have you not.

There has been some pressure from my family - mainly my mum and a couple of my sisters which is understandable as things were different when they had kids - for me to start offering him fruit and veggie since he was 4 months but right now it seems my stubbornness has paid off. Advice and people sharing their own experiences are always welcome but if mum knows best and I'm now a mum I do hope people will understand that in the end I will just go with what feels best for little guy, daddy and I.

It was that same determination that got me a bit annoyed last week when, failing to feed Harry a bottle I decided to try giving him some baby rice. i was really just too tired and in need of some sleep and started to think that maybe he was too hungry as he is too busy to feed properly during the day. If he won't take the formula I'll give him some other grub. Nah.

This little boy who up to a month ago would accept anything that went into his mouth - dummy, bottle, spoon the works - has now decided nothing would enter his little gob but mum's boobies and his pacifier. I have always planned to introduce a bottle of formula at bedtime whenever he did reach 5 months I just never thought of the possibility of him not taking said bottle.

Day one with baby rice - it looks and smells revolting. Harry finds it all very funny but hardly takes anything.
Day two with baby rice - Harry actually opens his mouth when he sees the spoon, he still spits most of it as he still has the reflex to stick his tongue out but I can tell he's eaten a bit.
Day three with baby rice - here comes the he just shut his mouth closed and wouldn't take it at all. And later it was the same thing with the spoon full of gripe water and the syringe with formula and the little envelope with powder for teething. He even refused his precious dummy for a little while, of course he was happy to make peace with the dummy once he started to feel sleepy again.

After a few days insisting on the bottle and sippy cup I've given up. In a few weeks We'll finally start with some solid foods and I'm hoping that by then he'll be more willing to take different drinks. I must admit there's a part of me - the part that has been planning the whole baby led weaning deal - that was actually happy he didn't take the baby rice after all that part of me has been planning on feeding little guy proper food and not the wall paper looking thing they call a cereal.

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