Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Baby's 1st cold

disclaimer: this post contains reference to bodily functions, both baby and adult ones,so if you are not kin on it please move along . If you don't mind those things read on and then let me know have would you cope with the same situation. This was baby's first cold and unfortunately I know it won't be the last so share your thoughts for future reference!!!
In his sleeping bag Sunday morning watching cartoons, as you do
Yes ladies and gentleman, it happened. The cold whether came, babies in the neighborhood were hit one by one and then came our turn. It started as just a blocked nose and even though I know that's how a cold starts for me, I did not think it would happen. Not this early, not on this whether, not on the week when we had so much planned.

The blocked nose got worse and before I knew it lill guy was taking breaks while feeding to catch his breath...poor little guy. off to the doctors we went and the best he could do was giving us this vapor medicine for him to inhale from warm water. Now try to get a 5 month old baby - almost 6!!! - to inhale anything! At first I thought he would try to grab the jug with the liquid so I held on to it very tightly but no, he actually tried to drink it.

Yap the exclusively breastfed baby who won't take a bottle or sippy cup or anything, tried to drink his medicine from a 1lt glass jug.

 His nose is now runny and i finally found out how to use one of those nose suction cleaner things. It's night time and we are up every half an hour. Between dummy runs, restless feeds and baby waking up full of beans out of the blue, mummy never managed much shut eye at all. Even worse when you seat there feeling terribly sorry for your little boy who ends up getting mouths full of catarrh together with his milk.

The weekend comes and brings your visit who's coming to stay for a few days. Luckily she's a great friend and won't be put off by the mess in the house. No time or energy left for house choirs I'm afraid. Even worse now that mummy's throat is a bit ticklish, even worse now that for the first time in year and 2 months mummy got her period. I walk into the front room and declare to daddy; this is it, I'm in hell.

 Even though all of our weekend plans felt apart I was really happy Q was with us, nothing like have someone who's feeling fresh and is dying to see your little one. Not only she played with him loads giving me a bit of a break, she also cooked for us a couple of time and helped me taking my mind off things by joining us during our walks - baby wouldn't sleep so had to take him out even though it was freezing outside. Unfortunately there was no Winter Wonderland, mulled wine or churros for us neither Q and daddy had their Brasilian beer as they usually do but there was a little visit to the farmers market and the Christmas tree went up as planned.

Now mummy's cold is getting worse and even though baby is so lovely - even with a bad cold he laughs and plays most of the day - we know he isn't getting better. Off to the doctors we went again and now he has an ear infection. So antibiotics and Calpol it is and that night mummy finally got some sleep.

Q is now gone, daddy is back at work and is just baby and I at home all day; him with a nasty cough and but thankfully sleeping a bit during the day and me with the nastiest sinus infection I've ever had. I was dizzy and with a headache that burnt 24/7. My eyes were achy and my body just did not want to move but I did have Harry to look after. Even though I wanted to sleep I stayed awake, even though I wanted to rest I had to play, even though I did not want to eat , as a breastfeeding mum, I had to drag myself to the kitchen and sort some grub out.

Of course I could have spoke to the doctor when I took Harry to the gp, could have told her about my sinus pain and ask for medication but it seems when your little one is restless in your arms and the doctor is about to give you something that will calm him down, you just forget about your own pain. For a whole day I regretted that; I could have started on antibiotics with him and then we both would be on the mend.

Finally got to see the doctor about me, that's a rarity. Mummy is now on antibiotics and fir the first time in days only had a bit of a headache instead of the burning sensation all over my head and face.

On he next morning mummy is still ill but is much better and has a bit of energy. I gave the front room a bit of a tidy up and finally got a move on the rest of the Christmas decorations - getting the house ready for Christmas never took me so long, it's usually ready by the end of play on the 1st of December.

Today lill guy finishes his antibiotics but he is still on Calpol after a restless night when mummy decided not to give him any. Mummy still have a couple of days to go on her own medicine and hopefully by the time the weekend comes we are both 100% and his diarrhea - caused by all the drugs - is gone and we can finally find ourselves in a bit more of a Christmassy spirit.

That is it, not glamorous, not fun, not nice but the first cold has come and (almost) gone and life moves on. Lill guy is 6 months this weeks and we will finally start him on some solid foods hurray!!!


  1. Aww bless, first colds are a nightmare, especially the lack of sleep part. Hope Harry is well again soon x

    1. Hi Anne, thank you for commenting. it really was hard specially as i needed some sleep to kill my own cold but thankfully it's now all over. Harry is much better, still has a bit of a bad ear but the cold is all gone thanks!


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