Monday, 24 December 2012

One more sleep till Santa! Already?

If you thought I went on holiday and abandoned the blog I wouldn't blame you. I hardly posted anything this month, not even Harry's 6 months milestones. Never stopped by to tell you I started working (just a few hours a week from home but that's something already). Even my Flashback Fridays and Silent Sundays were forgotten in a few occasions.

What if I tell you that the first cold I told you about became an ear infection that is still going on? Today Harry finishes his second bottle of antibiotics and I can only hope his body has responded to the medication this time around. Would you forgive me then?

I've been ill as well but my main problem at the moment really are the sleepless nights. Lill guy no longer manage long sleeps and at some nights that means I'm up every hour. I do hope with all my heart that really is just because of his ear and all the medication he is taking at the moment.

no more playing on the floor until his ears are better so playing mat
on sofa bed instead
Of course I have no illusions and something tells me he won't go back to being that amazing lill sleeper he used to be AND I can tell that once he is better his bloody tooth that had been bothering him for months will finally decide to cut through, just you watch it!

The result of that - apart from grumpy baby who's fed up with being in pain and grumpy mum who an only daydream with a night's sleep - is that most of my Christmas traditions were left to the one side this year. No Winter Wonderland, no cute little Santa's helper outfit for Harry - by the time I managed to go to the shops they were all gone, all I could find was a rather cheep looking baby's 1st Christmas hat but of course I got that one lol.

Our presents were finally wrapped this weekend - luckily I always get our pressies online around October/November otherwise I would've had to face the masses this weekend.

In fact I almost cancelled Christmas, really. That happened when on Thursday I was finally out to get the final bits I needed for the big day and the other half calls to say he had the vomiting bug. Seriously??? I felt like sitting right down and cry, everything going so wrong. On the top of it all I lost a very dear member of my brazilian family just last Sunday and i know their Christmas won't be the best this year.

Thankfully the bug was just a stomach one and after a few days of little food and lots of rest today he is back at work. In terms of my family back home we are all searching for solace on the fact that my dear sister on law - who was more like a sister to me as she knew me since I was a baby - is now gone but my parent's 3rd granchild was born as aunt W was being buried and now her very own grandson is due within a few days. So now Christmas is back on track.
My poor boys on cozy sofa bed.

With everything that happened I decided to change my food shopping - I do that online as well so last minute changes are no problem - I decided to cheat big time and got everything ready to cook. This year I am only cooking a few bits from scratch rather then the whole roast dinner as I usually do.
Also have most foods ready for the family on Boxing Day - to be honest since Christmas to me is being with the family I'm more excited about the 26th than the 25th December this year.

Finally feels like it's Christmas and right now I can't wait to see Harry opening his presents.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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  1. Hi dear Aida, Dave and little the blog, wish I had more time to read it. Husband and I are in Spain since the 22nd for Christmas and New Year's. Very sunny weather here and 18C now, I know, someone has to do the sacrifice. Sad to hear about your relative's passing away but the consolation is our believe that there's much more after our little time in this planet.
    Congratulations on coming back to work. Remember you still own me a visit at my place with the boys... And too blooming right in making Christmas cooking as easier as you can. You certainly had your share with 2 ill men...
    Michael and I wish you and the boys a wonderful Christmas and a even better 2013. We shall organize another get together soon.
    Beijos, Beijos, kisses, kisses

    P.S.: don't you worry, Harry looks cute in any outfit. I'm back in London on the 2nd Jan, will give you a call x


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