Thursday, 3 January 2013

and so it continues

Just as I thought;  after a whole month fighting Harry's cold, ear infection and diarrhea our poor little boy  is now teething.

The diarrhea started with the first antibiotics treatment and lasted until yesterday (week and a half after finishing the second treatment) and it was breaking my heart as most nights would include a full change of clothing as well as sleeping bag and bed sheets, after poor little guy has filled up his nappy with a runny number 2. The sight of his baboon like little behind was reason enough to lead me to tears.

Just my luck! When I thought we would start to get some sort of normality at night times, lill guy went all ratty and nervous and last night woke up every hour from midnight until 4am when, it seems, he gave up sleeping all together. Main problem was; he wouldn't t sleep but wouldn't wake up either so after a bit of a feed all we had was a screaming baby and a daddy whose alarm clock was about to go off at 5am.

We ended up the three of us in our bed, daddy enjoying his final half an hour of sleep, baby enjoy mummy's cuddles and eventually having a kip and mummy laying in bed in the most uncomfortable position ever and freezing her behind because all she could through over her was a thin fleeced blanket.

Finally at 6am, after being up and down every time Harry woke up and wouldn't stop crying - probably because he never slept in my bed before and didn't understand where he was - we both managed to sleep for an hour as this time he fed to sleep laying in bed so I could get myself comfortable enough to catch some shut eye.

So now my dilemma is, do i give him Calpol for the night and risk the diarrhea coming back or do I try to make do with bonjela  I'll leave this one for daddy to decide as i don't wanna kick myself for whatever happens lol

Result so far is that baby is tired and moody, mummy is moody and comfort eating - as well as really unlucky as the house if full of Christmas treats left overs - and daddy has another early morning tomorrow so won't be much help...oh well, I can always come here and moan about it.


  1. Oh dear Aida, I can imagine what you're going through. I've been there too. I have bonjela handy when my little lady was teething and it does help. When she has cold, I also have vicks vapor rub to rub on her chest and back and give it a lovely little massage and she loves it. Babies do loves massage.
    I wish your little man a speedy recovery.

    Happy New Year!

    All the best,
    Scudds x

    1. hi ya. How are things with the little family reunited? Well at the moment we are relying on bonjela as well as chamomile teething powder, Calpol and neurofen. I think and I hope his tooth is cutting through very soon as he is on a right state. When it come to colds he is too young for vick but I found Olba's oil and it was god sent.
      happy new year to you as well, may 2013 be the year when your family will family be reunited for good xxx

  2. It can only get better! These things really don't last, keep warm, wrap up and a little fresh air may help you both too.

    1. hi, I hope you're right. Last night I found myself wondering if i will ever sleep again lol. I've been meaning to write a post for the blog hop but as you can imagine I'm not doing much blogging at the moment. I hope you get really good audience though.


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