Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Motivational Monday - even though today is Tuesday - Week 3

So it's been just 3 weeks since the Motivational Monday started and on the second one I was already too busy to post. Almost gave up doing it this week as well but if anything I think this is one more thing I can do for myself. 

I was doing well on the health eating front until the weather went freezing and I ended up stuck at home with a teething little boy. I'm not too worried about that as I know health eating for me is a marathon, not a sprint. Also I know I'm a bit limited with choices at the moment as i can't really cook everything from scratch as I used to do but the they will come and I shall be able to change that.

We were snowed in for a couple of days, with Harry having just recovered from his ear infection I didn't want to be out and about on the cold. When Sunday came it all got a bit too much for me so daddy and I went on a snowy walk with lill guy. It was rather hard work but it was also quite fun to just walk about watching kids - and adults for that matter - running around starting their snowball fights and parents dragging their little ones on sledges of all shapes and sizes. Above all it was good to have a nice little break and enjoy daddy's company while Harry had a kip all cosy in his pram.

With the weather my plans of treating myself to a hair cut had to stay for another day, maybe this weekend coming.

Now the most lovely thing i done for myself was yesterday. I took lill guy for a walk and when he was just about to fall asleep -instead of keep on walking and then get stuck outdoors because he is all wrapped up and would be too hot if i went into any shops at all - I went into my favorite tea room at pram town, gave him a little feed and got him down for a kip in his pram so I could enjoy a lovely lunch accompanied by a book that I have being trying to read for weeks. Such a simple pleasure but it felt great to have some ME time during his nap rather than end up being in front of the laptop working, walking on the cold or even just laying in front of tv with a pointless daytime show.

This is it, slowly but surely I start to feel like myself again.

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  1. Sounds like you've done really well. Glad you got some "me" time too. Good luck with getting your hair done soon.

    Thanks for joining in with Motivational Monday.

  2. glad you got to have some me time, I can see you had quite abit of snow.
    I have nominated you in the Liebster Award http://www.onebusymum.com/2013/01/libester-award.html


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