Friday, 22 February 2013

another week

My little guys playing peekaboo early in the morning so
mummy can have breakfast with some strong coffee. 

another week has passed and I never made it to the computer to post all the stuff I thought about whilst feeding Harry for the 1000th time on the last 7 sleepless nights.
It seems lill guy is going through the 8 month sleep regression. I wouldn't call it a regression as such as he was actually a very good little sleeper as a newborn. All I know is that every night he wakes up and cries and cries. I say wake up,well he isn't asleep but isn't awake either. He just cries and I rock him , I hug him, I feed him and as soon as I put him down it all starts again. It goes like that for an hours or two and then I finally manage to get him down for a couple of hours. Last night that happened twice, TWICE!!! Luckily I went to bed early as on the previous night I only slept for 2 hours. I was up at 10:30 and finally manged to make it into bed by midnight then at 1:30 he started the second shift and that went until 3:30. Thankfully after that he was down until 6:15am so I actually got some rest after all.
Tonight daddy is relegated to the front room and as the night shift starts I'll bring Harry to my bed and make sure I get some proper sleep, at least that's the plan!! (I have been bringing him to our bed on and off at some point of the night for the past week, usually when i can no longer stay awake but we only have a double bed so that isn't a very comfortable situation and not all that safe either I don't think)
So I guess I am now forgiven for disappearing from the blogosphere for the past couple of weeks.

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