Monday, 4 February 2013

Motivational Monday - looking after myself

jumping up and down

A quick one this week as part of my whole ME time thing is to try and go to bed early once in a while and since we had an early dinner, tonight seems like the perfect opportunity.
So January is gone and I have tried a few things, loads of ups and downs but in general I think things are improving.
This weekend we got Harry a jumperoo and it was just the ticket! While lill guy bounces up and down mummy can get on with doing her work - I'm working my Keep In Touch days from home and end up  stuck on the laptop every time he goes for a kip or in the evenings after dinner - do stuff around the house, get lunch done for the two of us or just lazy around enjoying a few minutes to herself. My aim s to work around that so I can organize my days a bit better to do some yoga and play with my Just Dance. I looove dancing and don't care for gym work outs so the Wii was my favorite work out tool until I got pregnant. It will also be really good if i can keep on working during his awake, I think I'll probably get a lot more done that way and may eventually have a kip myself on those hard mornings after sleepless nights.
Well this is all speculation but the one thing I done for myself this past week that got me really happy was to pop into the hairdressers with my other half Friday afternoon and get my long overdue haircut. Such a simple thing but with a baby seems to require a lot of logistics. I never got the fringe I wanted instead went for something simple and easy to look after. Once life is a bit more manageable I'll go back to stylish haircuts me thinks.
That's it, short and sweet but full of good achievements and plans.
What about you? How well are you doing on your New year's resolutions? Take part of this bloghop to share your thoughts and get/give some support!!

Motivational Monday


  1. I love Just Dance 4 on the Wii - I think this version is really funny.

    Good luck with the earlier nights- I'm trying to do my blog stuff in my childfree time so that's more likely to happen but then I'm not getting the exercise.

    Thanks for joining in with MotivationalMondays

    1. JD 4 is the only one I don't have that been said I hardly played with JD 3 as was already pregnant and feeling really sick so it will be like having a new game and then I'm sure I'll end up getting the new one for my birthday!!


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