Thursday, 14 March 2013

A whole 9 months

Loves the jumperoo

breadsticks and apples, favorites when teething
So at 8 months Harry wasn't sleeping, I was working and we were all ill so I ended up never writing a post to celebrate that month which was a shame since he had become a proper little character.
Today Harry is 9 months young and not only the day but the whole week was full of news.
It seems we are out of the clingy stage - at least a little - and there is hope on the sleep matter.
I'm still not sleeping brilliantly but last night I had the most sleep on the past few months - probably had about 6 hours in total so not bad at all.
This week I started working from home and we had a babysitter coming in to allow me time for work. She is lovely and lill guy clearly enjoy her company although I find sweet how it can't seem to go much longer than a couple of hours without one of mummy's cuddles.
Watching my little baby lifting his arms up to someone other than mummy or daddy was reassuring and odd at the same time. After having hardly any sleep on Monday night, I was thinking of sending the nanny out with Harry for Tuesday's Library Sing Song session. The plan was for me to get some sleep. we were all set, only I couldn't get myself to put baby in the pram and send him out with a stranger Don't get me wrong she is lovely and experienced but in my mind she was going to take my little boy away and I would never see him again.
Becoming a very mobile boy
Oh well so turns out I am over protective, nothing new then.
Not too bad now, when I was just sending them out so I could go for a kip but what about when June comes and I have to go back to the office? Who knows?!
Last night not only we had a good one but at 3am when Harry couldn't go back to sleep after his feed I was able to just leave him in the cot watching his stars light show and he actually got himself back to sleep, until 6am. No rocking him for hours only for him to wake up as son as I put him down. so that was a plus.
This little guy is turning into a chatter box. He is so inquisitive, will even move mummy out of the way so he can catch a glimpse of whatever has grabbed his attention. He is still breastfeeding and won't take a bottle. No teeth on sight and finally seems to be taking to solid foods, it only took us 3 months lol.
He has been trying to craw, he gets to the right position but flops after a little while, we are almost there. This evening we were laying in the front room, daddy, Harry and I. Watching In the Night Garden - our new pre-betime routine. He actually pull himself up from sitting position. That was a first. What an amazing achievement for your 9 months celebration.
I still need to weight and measure him so we can do a milestones post but I really wanted to share some of what's going on at the moment as he seems to change a little everyday

poorly baby playing on the sofa bed, I know that little look,
he was curious about something.
my top model 

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