Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Trendy Tuesday

As much as I love the sight of a baby in a comfy sleep-suit I must admit that since Harry started walking and looking less like a baby,  I have been enjoying dressing him up on fun and somewhat trendy outfits. I know he isn't a doll but let me have some fun!

With that in mind and despite the fact that our lill guy isn't yet a proper toddler,  I decided to write  my first post for the Trendy Tiesday bloghop

I actually took this one a few weeks ago but he looks just too darn cute to let this one go.
Funny enough this is a budget look - we have been all about the coat lately. The last bundle I found for Harry was an amazing bargain, i paid about £20 for a huge amount of nearly new fancy label clothes, lots of Baby GAP, John Lewis and Debenhams, I wouldn't normally spend money on brands but am all up for it if it comes with a good price.

Combats and jumper from Baby GAP - got on a bundle from eBay
Jacket from George, ASDA
Hat from Tesco

So that you have it, my first Trendy Tuesday post and on the budget as well.

this is a post for a bloghop hosted by the lovely and super pregnant Alex from http://www.medicatedfollower.com. Click on the image below and hop along!

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  1. Muito bacana Aida. O Harry está um charme! Acho que eu iria adorar ficar comprando roupinhas pro meu filho também.

  2. Obrigada, Eu sou suspeita pois sou mae coruja mas devo concordar que ele eh um charme hehehe


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