Friday, 20 September 2013

Dear Boy - 15 months young #flashbackfriday

My dearest gorgeous boy,

this week you've turned 15 months - that is 1 year and 3 months in regular people's money ;) - but both you and mum were too sick, so this letter is, in fact, a bit late. Still, you are at such a lovely age that I couldn't let it go by without writing you a few lines.

The day you turned 15 months, we had a friend visiting with her lovely boyfriend and we took them to two of our favourite places; the park and Lilly's - our local tea shop. We all had a lovely time and mummy was super proud with her friend's comments, they kept on saying how lovely, beautiful and smiley you are and I know R really wanted to be able to spend more time with you. Unfortunately that evening you came down with the same cold mum had and from there on I have tried my best to make sure you have some fun but still get some rest to get better soon.

Cold or no cold our days are always filled with loads of laughter, dancing, cuddles and tantrums as well, why not? This is what you look like when you get a bit cross - usually because you can't get your own way:

One of your favourite things to do right now, is rolling around with mum and dad, laughing and being silly. You like TV time - why wouldn't you if your parents are addicted to it? - but you also look forward to reading your books at bedtime. You will pick up whatever you want to read - at the moment the favourites are All Aboard and Letter to the Zoo - and bring it to daddy or to me so we can read it for you while you sit and watch the pictures, sometimes you will simple run around the room whilst listing to the stories.

Lately you have started to eat on your own like a big boy, however, the mess is too big so we are taking baby steps on that one. You have also turned into a big muncher, you don't eat EVERYTHING but most times you're seem willing to try most foods. This is what meal times look like:

On Sunday we went to our local park to the End of Summer Festival and you had such a lovely time, we found you a balloon and from there on, all you wanted to do was to play with it. You also seemed really excited about the bouncy castle, unfortunately even though you are a biiig boy now, you are still not big enough for this amazing bouncy experience, in fact you haven't learnt how to jump yet - you very well try but instead your feet won't leave the floor and your knees bend giving you a a springing  motion...which is really cute!
Mummy and daddy are always so proud of you for being such  a good boy and so determined to learn new things and explore the world around you. As you grow, your speech is coming along at great pace. Since you are learning two languages at the same time, it is normal that you don't say actual words yet but you do chat all day, I have notice a few "words" that you say over and over again and I'm sure one day they will make sense to us as well.
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  1. Lovely photos. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Hi Laura, thank you, We're both on the mend!

  3. Hello Aida! How are you and the little man? Harry is growing up so fast and look at his hair!!! So cute :) I saw his photo on the Saturday Caption and it was so girl is the same too, her room is a mess! Argh! :)

  4. Hi missy, yes I love his hair it is as crazy as he is! Unfortunately he takes after me with the mess, that is the one thing I wish he was like his daddy at :)

  5. it is amazing how he will be bi-lingual isnt it?
    He is gorgeous and getting so big now and i did smile at the tantrum photo. How is it they can be little angels one moment and then suddenly turn into monsters? and messy at meal times will be around for a few more years yet
    hope you are better now and thank you for linking up x x


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