Monday, 18 November 2013

Meal Planning / Motivational Monday (18.11.2013)

So over the weekend I went a bit crazy with sugar - my ultimate goal is  to cut sugar out of my diet. It is a hard one to do but I know it is not impossible. I do hope I can get to a point where, if I happen to have something sweet, that will no longer mean I'll feel horrible about myself and end up confiort eating for the next week.

I think I'm on the right track but as with everything in life, there are good and bad days. For now I'm only being strict with two things - I do not drink soda and I do not eat crisps/chips. Well, thinking back I did had a couple of chips on Saturdays we went out for a meal. I must say though, I did not order chips, they came with my meal and I did't know that would happen and yes, it was one of those things that I did without even realizing, still I think I had a couple and that was it.

I'm still proud of not drinking soda or eating crisps though, two weeks and counting!

I did manage to stick with the plan for most of last week, only on the day we had pie I was so tired that ended up buying ready made pastry rather than trying to make my own.

So..he is this week's menu, There's no fish there, mainly coz daddy D isn;t kin on it so I tend to have fish for lunch a couple times of week, and Harry usually has it too.

MONDAY - Dill seasoned Salmon with vegetables and salad (chips for Daddy D)

TUESDAY - Spelt spaghetti w Turkey meatballs in bacon and garlic sauce
last week we found the spelt spaghetti had good  texture but needs a sauce with a bit more of body, so this week I'll make something a bit creamy - with bacon and cream fraiche.

WEDNESDAY - beef stew w spelt buttermilk biscuits
We ended up not having this dish last week so back in the menu with it :)

THURSDAY - Chicken curry
again, the actual chicken is ready in the freezer as it makes a quick meal for my work days

FRIDAY - Butternut squash soup, coz the weather demands!

SATURDAY - it is Doctor Who night and I'll be working until 4pm so I'll take a break and buy something on my way home

SUNDAY - Slow cooked beef w rice, black beans and  veggie
in Brasil most kids will grow up with a daily serving of rice and beans, because I no longer have a pressure cooker I still haven't tried that with Harry but decided to make a dish out of tinned  beans to start with and once he is used to it  I'll start slow cooking big batches and freeze...a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do ;)

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 Meal Planning Monday


  1. Yum! Everything sounds delicious!!

  2. Thanks Kim...I do think healthy eating mustn't be boring ;)


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