Monday, 23 August 2010

This week's Menu

On the quest of organizing my life AND to the benefit of my health I usually plan every week's menu before I set off to organize my shopping list. Since I came back from Brasil everything feels a bit too rushed so last weekend I decided to go back to that habit, so Saturday morning, having flick trough my 2 editions of the "cook yourself thin" books plus my virtual binder on the BBC 's Good Food website I came up with the following:

Spicy Italian Cooley linguine (don't remember ever having Cooley but the book says you can make it with whichever fish)

Creamy chicken curry (not the biggest fan of curry but for some reason this recipe appealed to me)

Tarragon chicken

HO FAN beef noodle

Pork chops with French beans and bakes sweet potatoes

I usually do the menu for the week days, as that's when I'm just too tired to have to think about what to cook and it becomes just too easy to fall into temptation and end up having something a bit rubbish for dinner. The order on which the dishes are cooked will depend on the "best before" date on my fresh ingredients HOWEVER hubby saw the fillets of Cod I bought to replace that Cooley and said straight away ARE WE HAVING FISH AND CHIPS???
well well...the thing is, I never fry anything at home, actually...I probably do, once an year. Christmas time probably! But not long ago, watching the 3rd season of Cook yourself thin (yes, I am a cook show addicted) I discovered this really nice recipe for "fried" fish that my best half not only likes as said he could have that twice a week every week (just expanding, he doesn't really like fish, apart form fish and chips as a good Londoner, but due to government recommendation LOL I always say I would love for us to have 2 portions of fish a week, I have tried a few things, and as a good boy he always eats everything but this was the first time a fish dish got approval and requests for more!!!)
Well I do have my menu but fish is fish and I have no problems changing the dish from pasta do potatoes although chips are usually a bit of a taboo at home...either way I headed off to the kitchen to get dinner done and as I really like this recipe decided to share with my fellows food lovers!

Baked fish and chips 

For the chips

about 300g of new potatoes 
1tsp olive oil

I still trying different recipes of homemade oven chips and I should say this one wasn't brilliant still I thought worthed posting here, someone might be able to point out where is it that I am going wrong!!!

cut the new potatoes until chips and part boil them for about 5 minutes. Toss the soften potatoes on the olive oil and pepper (as well as any other seasoning) ans spread them on a baking sheet leaving gap enough between chips. Bake for about half hour until is golden and crunchy. Mine got the the crunchy stage but weren't served straight away so ended up a bit soft.

2 fillets of cod (or other flaky firm flesh white fish)
1/2 cup of white flour (seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder and anything else of your taste)
2 lightly beaten eggs (i usually add 1/2 tsp of soy sauce)
1 cup of corn flakes coarsely broken (just put them on a small ball and crash 'em until they are reduced to half their regular size, it can be even smaller but not too grainy)

simply dip the fish on the seasoned white flour then on the eggs and finally on the corn flakes then place the fillets on a baking sheet and spray some oil on the top. Take it to a medium oven (about 180) for 10 to 15 min, just enough to cook the fish.

Serve with the chips and mushy peas, if you have a good recipe for it. The first time I made this fish I served it with a really nice potato salad and some fixed leaves and it goes just as well!!!

(no mushy peas recipe here as we didn't really like the one I made today, will definitely try some other ans post as soon as I find a suitable one!)

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