Friday, 27 May 2011

making sarnies healthy again


Had a really busy morning, worked out for 30 minutes before getting ready for work and I new I would have to walk around London due to work events so decided do something quick and easy and as the thought pop up in my mind also did the fancy for a sarnie.

As I had some steamed salmon ready in the fridge the solution was easy

2 slices of wholegrain bread - I buy a seedy one from Salisbury's that is so yummy and has only 69 calories per slice.
1 small salmon fillet - steamed
4 chunks of sun-dried tomatoes
30g of cream cheese (I use Philadelphia extra light - one good trick is to buy the little pots that are 1 serving and very practical to take to work)
1 hand full of green salad
6 stalks of broccoli
6 baby carrots

Cut the broccoli in half length to make it quicker to cook, give it a wash and microwave it for about 2 minutes. Baby carrots are nice and soft so just chop them in small peaces; you could even leave them whole and have the whole plate as finger food.
while the broccoli cooks toast the bread then just spread it with the cream cheese, cut the tomato into small pieces and spread that and the chunks of salmon over the bread.
season the salad and veggie with very little salt some black pepper and olive oil - it I was at home would've probably used some balsamic vinegar as well and maybe even some fromage frais.

It made a lovely lunch in a whole and just as feeling as any other of my dishes because it still offered enough whole foods!! Also the amount of raw food helps a lot! If you are in a hurry and need a quick healthy lunch, what would you make???

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