Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sweet thing

I wrote this post about a week ago on my mobile when out and about with Harry as was finding impossible using the computer at all - little guy is going through hard times with his sleeping so mummy doesn't really do much more than look after him and once he is in bed I very much have dinner and am down for the night myself! Since the below I have already felt the difference, lost 2 lbs and didn't even have the headaches, or the cravings so if you're also struggling shifting your pregnancy weight, or any weight for that matter keep on reading, this might help you!

for a while now I've been a bit unhappy with my post natal figure. I know the celeb's baby slim type of body that we see on magazines aren't exactly an easy reality except for those that were born with exceptionally slim bodies. The big problem is that little guy is almost 4 months and in order to stop wearing my maternity clothes I had to buy a pair of jean 2 sizes bigger than i usually would. Energy levels is also a problem as I can't rely on a good nights sleep to recharge my batteries.
I've been trying to cut down on rubbish foods since Harry was born as i found that was specially important for breastfeeding but on a hard day  it can be tricky to go to the kitchen once he is down for the night
 and ordering a take away is only just too easy.
On the top of it all, I got myself into this habit of buying something sweet every day. It wouldn't be too bad if it was just "that little sweet" everyday but I end up over overindulgence and comfort eating. two old habits that I know only too well and that i fought hard to lose.
For the past few weeks I've been eating tons of chocolates and ice cream  a day that really got me down but the horrible stomach pains that hit me a few days ago really were the last straw. 
I knew I had to start from somewhere. I cant exactly diet and - for the record - i don't really believe in diets but in healthy eating habits. I had to be careful not too give myself too big of a challenge because, lets face it, who has the energy? So I picked two things that i know I'm "addicted to" and that really causes me to comfort eat and banished from my menu for the next two weeks. sugar and gluten. yap those are my big villains and hopefully, as I've seen happening before , my body will get used to it. Without the gluten to give me inflammations and the sugar to make me feel sluggish i should have a bit less of a hard time sticking to healthier foods and maybe start to gradually loosing my pregnancy weight.

now as i say my body is addicted to sugar n gluten, the second one is easier to get rid of by eating brown rice and loads of protein that keep me fuller for longer. The sugar can be a bit trickier - specially for the first few days when you could get headaches and bad cravings. With a little crying machine waking you up at night and demanding attention during the day headaches are definitely an issue but i know to keep my insulin levels balance to avoid that. Now the cravings..that is another issue all together. I have always been the one to crave all sorts of foods at all times of day and night and when you find yourself stuck at home all day or worse, becoming regular at lovely bakeries and cafes - for a cuppa and a chat with other mums - the craving bit can be hassle to deal with.
to help me through the next couple of weeks i made myself these delicious sugar free treats and was pleasantly surprised this morning when i found out how creamy and indulgent they feel!

choc-banana lollies

1/2 cup of coconut milk
ripped bananas
1 tbsp good quality cocoa powder
1/2 tsp vanilla
raw honey or maple syrup to taste (quantity will depend on how sweet the bananas are)

put it all in a blender until all liquidized then pour into lolly mould and freeze. Is that simple!

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