Monday, 1 October 2012

a hard day's night

Since the my last post our night time activities have been up and down and right now it feels like they are on an all time low, hence the reason why I haven't posted for a few days even though my brain is over floating with ideas. 

Now guess what? Baby is teething.

Little guy is only 15 weeks and for the past week has been drooling liters a minute, nervously brushing his hands against his gums (whenever he manages to put his hands to the mouth as due to age he is still mastering that skill), grunting like a really annoyed puppy and waking up many times a night, which isn't his normal thing but then again, considering what he is going through I'm just happy he is sleeping at all. Add to all that the neediness during the day and mummy doesn't get much of a break at all. 

So far I've tried Calpol, Bonjela, homeopathic powder, rubbing his gums and cold dummies and no, nothing seems to work. Does anyone suggests something else? My mum told me to rub honey to his gums but the fact that the health advisers tell you not give them honey until they are 2 years of age gets me a bit worried. 

I know I know, "that is motherhood for you" right? 
Of course it is but that doesn't man we need to bottle up and keep quiet about it, or does it? 

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