Friday, 16 November 2012

Brazilian cravings - Flashback Friday

During my whole pregnancy I craved Brazilian food. Worse, I craved some specific things that I knew I could no longer find to buy even if i was in Brazil. Stuff like this perfect chicken pot pie with catupiry cheese that I used to eat at this little cafe near my school whenever I had to stay for afternoon lab classes. The cafe is no longer there and i never found a pie that was nearly as good as this one. I also fancied this chicken rice they used to serve as school dinner when I was at Kinder garden. Now the one thing i really fancied for almost 9 months was pastel, a Chinese invention pastel is like a big version of a fried dumpling and is filled with cheese or mince meat. You will eat pastels in parties, funfairs, carnivals or at pastel parlors where you will find all sort of flavors and sizes. Back at home if you fancy a treat all you have to do is pop to the super market and buy the pastry, add your filing of choice then fry it and enjoy it with ice cold beer, or not. In London I managed to find the pastry once, what a disappointment, it was frozen and it just didn't work. The closest I get to pastel these days is when i order borek cigarette at a Turkish place - filo pastry parcels that are filled with feta cheese and deep fried, yuuuummm.
On Saturday the 9th of June this year I decided to treat a friend to some Brazilian food and took her to my favorite Brazilian restaurant in London. Their pastel wasn't the best I ever had but it was the best a had in a while...of the only one I had in a while for that matter. I had a Brazilian feast on that day with loads of finger food, sugar cane juice, guarana with orange and passion fruit mouse. When home feeling really heavy but happy that I finally had some Brazilian food. Little did I know that would be the last proper meal I would have for days. On the Sunday our guest left us after two weeks so D and I had a lazy day followed by waters breaking and 4 days of a lot of contractions and very little eating.

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  1. Ooh how annoying not being able to satisfy any craving, let alone a pregnancy one!

  2. oooh your photo is making me hungry! i dont think i have ever tried Brazillian food before but it all sounds nice. It must have been very frustrating for you not being able to satisfy those pregnancy cravings! x


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