Thursday, 15 November 2012

5 months, my little guy is growing so fast

Well a whole other month is gone and this little boy surprises us with something different everyday.
He is still teething and I truly hope it won't be long until his tooth comes out as for the past couple of weeks he's been extremely fractious and in a lot of discomfort. For the past 3 nights I decided to give him some Calpol on bedtime as he got into a routine of not sleeping well at night and having proper grumpy days. it took me a while to understand that it was teething but I'm happy at least now I'm able to help him.

When he isn't kicking off in pain he is a lovely little boy full of personality, a right smiler who loves to look around and make the funniest faces whenever he realizes he is in a place for the first time.

He loves playing time with daddy and seems always that little extra happier whenever he get both mum's and dad's attention at the same time.

His morning smiles are still the most warming thing in this world. I love the fact that he giggles and smiles when i decide to give him a cuddle with a side order of hundreds of kisses and hugs.

He is now 7.28kg, that is 16lb 1oz, we haven't been able to measure him yet as he doesn't stay still long enough. I can safely say he's grown a lot as this week I already had to go out and get him some sleeping suits on size 6-9...poor boys, his toes curl inside the ones he has at the moment.

That's it. I'm hoping he will soon have a break from teething and be able to enjoy exploring his new found skills. For the next few weeks I'll be getting myself ready for solid foods, I've been looking forward to it and can't wait to give Baby Led Weaning a good go!


• Can distinguish between bold colours - hm a hard one to tell but he does get very excited with strong colours
• Can roll over - we are almost there, rolled from his tummy to his back a few times and have being rolling to his side. His favorite thing really is to plunge forward from sited position to then lay down on his tummy. Of course whenever he gets there he has no idea of what to do and after just a while looking around he will ask for help.
• Amuses himself by playing with hands and feet - he has been playing with his hands for a couple of months now and althought he is very curious about his feet he doesn't play with them yet.

• Turns towards new sounds - oh yes!
• Recognises own name - a bit hit and miss here but he has answered to us when we called his name a few times
• May be 
ready for solids - a bit of a controvertial one as acording to doctors he won't be ready until  6 months but he is definitely showing curiosity about everything we put into our mouths. 
• May sit momentarily without support - yap
• Mouths objects - and fingers and hends and anything else he can get hold of
Stranger anxiety may begin - not sure about anxiety but he isn't as smiley at strangers as he used to be, he will go with people he doesn't know but only on the best times of the day.

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