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Review: Summer Infant Baby Touch Monitor

This is an independent review, i have not receive any money or product to write this post. Just in case you are wondering I do like to write reviews as I do search for good ones myself when I'm about to invest some money into something a bit pricey.

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When Harry was born he slept in his Moises by my bed, that was mainly because my mum was staying with us - sleeping in his room - for the first 2 months but it was also very convenient for night feeds as he was just an arm's length from me.

When the time came to move him to his bedroom, me being my usual over protective and super pessimist person decided that the first step was to have the baby monitor set up.

Although I did give ideas of what sort of features I'd like the new gadget to have, it was hubby's job to chose and buy the monitor and I have to say I'm really happy with his choice.

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor has a camera which makes it possible for me to check on little guy without having to enter the room, that is really helpful in the middle of the night as well as during the day when I think he might be just about to fall asleep.

The great thing about the camera is that not only you can move it's head - for those with babies that are already moving about during the night - but the image quality is brilliant. Sharp picture during the day and great quality night vision image through the night. You can also zoom in if there is anything you want to check closely.

Another good feature is the talk back bottom, you can talk to baby from whenever you are. At the moment that doesn't do much - apart from sparking his curiosity - but whenever the age comes when hearing mum's voice helps him going back to sleep the talk back bottom will be great. Daddy and I do however use the bottom to talk to each other; daddy to talk to me whenever he goes to check on Harry and me to ask for help when I'm feeding the little guy.

The sound quality is also great. A bit too good sometimes as I can hear all different sounds from his bedroom. If anything at night time I usually turn the volume right down or I get this buzzing noise in my ear. I think the buzz noise is from electrical stuff in his room or it could also be sounds from the street, either way even with the volume very low I can easily hear him at night even though the camera is about 4 feet away from his cot. Something i found very important is that every time you switch the monitor on the volume goes back to default so even if you turn it right down at some point of the day or night, there is no risk to forget about it and not hear your baby.

Summer Infant Baby Touch Monitor is also highly portable. The camera can be on power mains or AA batteries, the monitor has it's charging base and the battery lasts a while, whenever operating on battery the monitor will shut the video down after about a minute to save some juice. Although that is good enough for a couple of hours during the day, the battery on the camera doesn't last long so overnight you really need it to be operating on mains. Also you can link another 3 cameras to the monitor and have them all set up around the house so you don't have to keep on moving the camera if you wish to keep an eye on the little one while potting around during the day.

One little problem I have with this monitor is the room thermometer which isn't very accurate, I get the feeling it actually measures the camera's temperature and it does get very warm. Right now his egg thermometer is showing 21C and the monitor's thermometer shows 24C. Not really a massive fault but it would be good to be able to tell the temperature on a quick glance as the baby being cold or overheating is always a big worry.

That's it, all in all a great piece of kit which really helped me relaxing knowing that I'm able to check on Harry at any time overnight. Definitely recommend to all parents who want peace of mind to be able to get a good night's sleep, or a few hours sleep for that matter.

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  1. Scudds Harrison15 Nov 2012, 04:25:00

    Expensive but looks like you get all the good features that worth of what you've paid. :)


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