Friday, 24 May 2013

11 months, 3 weeks to a party

so Harry is now 11 and a half months, well, I say that but we do have a whole 3 weeks until his birthday. 3 week until my gorgeous little guy is no longer considered a baby. Really?

Yes really.

If you have you been reading this blog for a while you probable remember I am from a rather large family. Put that together with my passion for baking and of course I had to plan a nice birthday party for my little guy.

I just can't explain how much I love the whole party planning thing. It can be hard to get everything done - proper and in time - still I like sitting down and planning it all, with loads of help from google and amazon of course!

Choosing the them was easy, Harry loves In the Night Garden - specially Makka Pakka - so that was helpful to guide me towards the right table cloth, baloons and so on. To keep it cheap - I have just gone back to work and can't really spend much - we will not go full on with the themed decorations but that does helps when you have to decide on what invites and cake to make.

Also to keep it in budget, I'll be cooking most of the food. That's only possible because my sister is coming over from  Brasil (sorry can't write that with Z, that hurst) and that means an extra pair of hands, as a bonus those two hands are as used to organising parties as my own. One great idea I came up with - I know I know blowing my own trumpet here - was to serve pimm's cocktails to the grown ups. Since the party will happen on a picnic vibe I thought juice and water for the little ones and iced tea and pimm's for the big ones would be a good option in terms of taste and price.

I found a really nice sugar free recipe for the babies' cakes and will be topping it with this deliciously healthy sweet potato frosting, I know it all sounds a bit tree hugging but I promise you they are amazing and not too sweet either!
I will make the little ones their own individual cupcakes so they can play and smash and eat however they like. For the grown ups I'll make my favourite chocolate cake and I found these really cute hand made In the Night Garden baloon weights and am trying to find a way to use them as cake toppers. Wait and see.

That's it, I just can't control myself as I am super excited about through Harry's first birthday party and I can't wait to have our family and friends together, the only thing I'm sorry about is that my big Brazilian family won't be there with us but at least my sister will be here to represent them.

That's it, on the next few weeks I'll be putting it all together and keeping my fingers crossed for us to have good weather on that lovely day. What do you think of birthday party for little ones?

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  1. Oh yay! So soon, Harry! You'll be one. You're a big boy now. Happy birthday!!!


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