Thursday, 23 May 2013

I'll be back

So I don't even know when was it that I last published a post.

Things have been up in the air in our little family, with me preparing to go back to work, sorting out childcare and planning Harry's birthday - all at the same time.
I have been working from home since February and that very much took over all my free time, hence the reason why the blog had to be put to the one side for a while.

Last Thursday I went back to work from my office desk (more on that later) and am now I'm hoping to finally get this blog in gear.

I know it is May - almost June - but with the above in mind, I have made a few "Blogging Resolutions", it's nothing more than a list of things I want to achieve within the next months and the next year. Nothing fancy, just the basics:

On the next few months I'm hoping to improve my audience as well as our presence on social media. So this is my plan of action:

- do the classic Give Away.

 - I had a good idea - so I think - for a blog-hop so create and spread the word about my blog-hop.

- create a Facebook page

- be more proactive with Google+

- get the hang of/improve participation on Twitter and Pinterest.

- improve participation/visits/comments to other blogs - a little confession here; I keep on reading other people's blogs but don't always stop to share my thoughts, that's not right!

For the next year, I'm hoping to meet more bloggers, I just find fascinating how supportive this community is and love the idea of meeting other bloggers to share experiences in person as well as online. For that I'm hoping to go to one of the big blogging events, such as BritMums live. Unfortunately it isn't possible for me to go this year so I thought I might as well make an assertive effort to get more involved with the blogging community before next year's convension- of course while keeping my fingers crossed that will be a 2014 edition!

My aim really is to work with brands, which is what I used to do when contributing to a friend's blog until I got pregnant. Should all the above work, I will then move on to using a blog platform that allows me to work our layout and tools on a more flexible way.

Well, that's my pledge done, not to make it happen!

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