Thursday, 20 June 2013

1 year of milestones

if you look carefully you will see Harry's first tooth.

So since Harry's birthday I have been super busy taking my brother and sister sightseeing around London and ended up not having much time to stop by and write a little first year update.

Harry turned one weighting a whole 10 kilos - that is 22 pounds. He is 75cm tall - 2 feet 51732 inches.

12 months MILESTONES
Have one to eight teeth - hurrah! His first TWO teeth cut trough 5 days before his 1st birthday.

Stands by his or herself - yes - and put on a very proud smile every time.
Sit down without help - if intentionally falling on his bum counts as sit down then yes, he does that well.

Bang two blocks together - and laugh and laugh

Turn through the pages of a book by flipping many pages at a time - he loves doing that and is a great way to keep him happy on long journeys

Picks up a small object using the tip of the thumb and index finger - and since he learnt that I'm no longer allowed to feed him his food unless we are talking yogurt or porridge.

Sleep 8 - 10 hours a night and take one to two naps - I wish. He does go down from 12 hours but will feed 2 to 3 times during that period. Although at the moment he is feeding all night as teething won;t let him sleep. He still takes 2 naps a day and whenever he skip the afternoon nap bedtime can become a battlefield.

Follows a fast moving object - and people, animals and aliens.

Can say momma, papa, and at least one or two other words - oooohhh yes!!! he has been saying Dada for a while but on the day of his birthday party he started saying monn monn monn and that melts my heart.

Understands simple commands - in both English and Portuguese

Understands that objects continue to exist, even when they are not seen (object constancy) - that is so well sorted in his head that he makes it a challenge to hide away something that he get hold of and shouldn't be playing with

Points to objects with index finger - aaaaaaaaalllllll the time.

Experiences separation anxiety and may cling to parents - I get a feeling that my over cuddly behaviour had something to do with him overcoming that stage very early. These days there are, of course, times when he will not want to be away from D. and I; mainly if he is hungry, tired or needs changing. On his birthday party he hardly saw his dad and I during the day, he was happy playing with his uncle and aunt and friends of the family but you could see his little eye light up whenever he realised D. and I were still around.

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