Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Bye Bye baby boy, a walk and the first battle injury.

resting after his ordeal, the photo isn't brilliant but you get the idea.
So the moment came when mum and dad look down to see that their cute little baby has become a cheeky toddler and now, this is life, but not as you know it.

In a matter of days Harry went from taking the odd step here and there, to walking through the room turning around and walking back again. He loves nothing more than being on the floor and free to roam.

With toddlerhood, comes another wave of milestones and behavior regression; restless nights, separation anxiety and all those things I thought were well over by now.

Today we went down to the local park to play on the swings for a while and it wasn't long until he asked to come off the swing so he could walk around for a while.- yes, he asked. no, he isn't speaking just yet but this little boys is becoming a very expressive kid who is starting to find ways to make himself understood.

This was the first time he ever walked outdoors, so exciting. Off he went until he got to his favourite bit under the slide then turned around and headed to the gravel and before I could get closer to avoid a tumble there he was, on the floor, face first. Poor lil guy screamed and screamed. It was hard work calming  him down but that right there was history. His first graze.

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