Tuesday, 11 June 2013

1 year on, 3 days to go

Last night, when Harry woke up for his first night feed my mind started to wander. I went back to that same night a whole year ago. After a lovely lazy day I had an early night and was looking forward to getting all final arrangements done on my 39th week.

D. had just got in bed, it was 2:30am. I turned around to kissing him goodnight and startled for a second. When he asked if I was ok my answer was; either I have peed myself of my waters just broke. D called  the hospital and since i didn't have a "show" they said i could go in i if wanted but there was no rush.

Being first time parents course we rushed to the hospital, overnight bag, car seat and all.

I was also silly enough to agree to having a student doing the test to check the dilation, it hurt like hell AND had to be repeated by the nurse. i seriously think they make questions like that because they know you are way too zoned out to understand what will actually happen.

Of course i was disappointed to be told to go home as there was no dilation enough for me to be admit to hospital.

I was told that if nothing happened until Tuesday morning they would induce me.

Off we went  back home having not a clue that Harry wouldn't really make an appearance until Thursday morning.

That Monday was a painful one and full of anxiety knowing that my little guy was on his way but not sure of his ETA. It also was a day to stop and realise I was about to become a mum.

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