Monday, 5 August 2013

Day out with the boys #MagicMoments

Photo taken by Daddy D.

Today Daddy D. took us to the mall to buy me a birthday present  - he doesn't like to buy women clothes and that is what I need at the moment, so he let me choose and he paid, how nice is that?

It was a simple but lovely day out with my boys. We sat together for lunch and dinner and both times Harry enjoyed his meal and was his usual cheeky self. At dinner time i tried feeding him some mash potato but he kept on turning his nose up at the spoon then daddy suggested that I should use the fork as the lil guy seems to be going through a faze of mimicking his dad. Surprise surprise, he had mushy peas, mashed sweet potato and Cumberland  sausage for dinner, all off a fork, just like daddy. He also munched on a bit of pastry from my pie and nicked a potato wedge from daddy. After months struggling  to get him to eat, Harry seems to now have  this huge appetite.

After a whole afternoon of walking around, we done what was meant to be a quick pit stop to change Harry and get him ready for bed - in case he felt asleep on the way home. There's a little play area inside every family room at the mall and in this play are there were two brothers playing and soon that became the two brothers and our cheeky chap. They must have been 4 and 7 but Harry was chasing them around as if they were his age. This little game of tag went on for a good 20 minutes and by the end lill guy was so worn out that he didn't even complain when we put him on the pram to head home.

It was truly magical to sit and watch my little boy, my not even 14 month old little guy, my toddler, who just the other day was a little baby playing like that, a happy child with a big smile on his face.

...even getting him to bed tonight was an easy job, hooray!!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day...aaah its amazing when they want to be just like dad bless him xxx they grow up so fast x

  2. Glad you guys enjoyed the day. Look at those hair! yay!!! He is so cute. Hugs xx


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