Friday, 9 August 2013

Letter to Harry

My dear Harry, for a long time now I have been meaning to write you some letters, so I can keep them here and who knows, one day you might read them.

When the time comes, hopefully you will be reading in Portuguese and this is the reason why I created this .page for the Blog Sometimes life is hard and rushed, and it is easy to complain or just talk about our problems and we can forget to talk about the good things that happen in life.
To stop this from happening I will write you letters about the incredible things that you bring to our lives - mine, Dad’s, and the whole family too.

If you are teenager when reading this then you will probably be a bit embarrassed about the theme but you needn’t be, breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. For a whole year mum breastfed you on demand and I do hope that by doing this I have given you the best possible start in life.

In this past month, Dad and I started to change our routine and wean you off the breast - I know I am the one who feeds you but Dad is always there helping by keep us calm or letting me take a nap in the afternoon after a sleepless night.
Weaning you is a slow process as both you and I have always enjoyed our little moments during the feeds so we both need to learn letting go.. Instead of your milk we give you a snack. Initially you got a little upset as you preferred  but I would pick you up and give you lots of cuddles and gradually you are getting used to.

Before, when I came home from work you would come running, asking me to pick you up and would nurse for about 15 minutes straight. It was something lovely to do, specially as we have been apart for a whole day so it gave us time to catch up. Now when I come home you come and give me a hug and kiss and then go back to playing with Dad.
After that you spend the rest of the evening coming up to me with lovely hugs until bedtime.

You are only one year and two months old but you’re already so affectionate.
I beg God every day that you can grow with this affection and hopefully, in return, life to be good to you.

In the last 3 nights we stopped feeding you at bedtime, you will only wake up once for your milk so I think you are ok with it.

My baby this growing up and turning into a beautiful little boy. Mummy loves you very much, and she always will... no matter what!

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  1. Aw, I love a good letter to a child, have done a couple for my 3 year old. Hopefully Harry will love reading this when he's older.


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