Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Letter to Harry - 14 months

My dearest gorgeous boy,

today you turned 14 months that is 1year and 2 months young. And what a lovely day we had as well.
We visited a nursery, where you seemed really happy and had no problems playing with the other kids at the playground.

For some reason today mummy couldn't stop kissing and cuddling you, maybe because taking you to visit a nursery might remind her of how quickly you are growning and that one day my mummy cuddles won't be all that welcome OR it might be because you've been so independent since you started walking that now, since we no longer  have our day time feeds, I miss having you in my arms and that is hard to get used to.

I'm sure you will be happy at the nursery, if we take time and chose the right one. I just wish you could have nanny S's attention for longer as I'm sure that makes a difference but at least, whatever happens it will only be a couple of days a week.

After the nursery visit and an afternoon session at the Library and a lot of running around you sat on my  lap this evening and ate a whole punnet of blueberries, to think that last night you hardly touched your tea.

Your favourite toy at the moment is your Lightning McQueen, you love pushing that around the front room but will also be rather happy pushing your pram around the park, i love how you seem to enjoy the simple things.

Teeth count, 6 but I'm sure that will change soon. Milk feeds, 1 a day - or a night really - but that will also change soon as you seem happy eating your food instead of mummy's milk. Number of head bumps whilst in the bath? I lost that count, the most amazing thing is that those bumps only seem to happen when you about to go to bed so mummy spends all night watching you as she is never sure how bad you actually hit your head - the bath makes it sound very bad!

Oh yes, I almost forgot. For the past couple of weeks daddy has been  putting you to bed at night, now we are taking turns and you seem ok with it, that is a great seing that up to now mummy was the only one who ever gave the last kiss goodnight. Well done little boy, you are so so good.


  1. Aw what a beautiful letter, I am sure he will thrive at nursery, but i know I would be the same too! 14 months is a wonderful age, and I am looking forward to experiencing it again with my youngest daughter. x

  2. awww this is so beautiful and full of love to Harry.As Katie has said 14 months is a wonderful age and it seems such a long time ago for both of mine now. I can imagine how you feel about the drop in day feeds and the nurseery thing - time just goes by too quicky doesn't it, sadly? (hugs) x
    I am so sorry I have not commented sooner, I was so upset this time last week with my eldest and him starting school when I started reading ths post of yours it started me off and then I forgot to return and leave a comment until now, so I do apologise for that.
    thanks for linking up x

  3. aaww your poor thing, I honestly can even imagine how it must feel like. I breastfed for 14 months and having no family around meant that Harry and I are super attached to each other so letting go will be hard, I know that for sure. I hope the fact that your lilll one is doing well makes you feel better. All the best!

  4. 14 monhts really was lovely and your little one truly is getting there fast!


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