Monday, 12 August 2013

What's The Story - post 1

It was Harry's first birthday, just 2 months ago. I had this lovely garden party planned for a Saturday afternoon. Lots of room for him and his little friends to run around.
I spent the whole morning in the kitchen. Instead of spending the Friday night baking his very first birthday cake as I planned, I decided to head off to Greenwich Park with him, daddy and aunt A. who was visiting. We met up with his aunt R. and uncle S,. for some lovely Pie n Mash then headed over to the park for some running around. After a whole day out I was exhausted and knew no baking would be done that evening.
We had it all thought out and my sister was over to help, only the weather forecast was inconclusive and I waited until the last minute to know if we could be outdoors. Half an hour before the guests were due to arrive the rain came down, that meant setting up the party indoors and prepare to have a small flat packed with about 7 toddlers and over 20 adults.
In the end everything worked out, unfortunately with the rush happy birthday was sang over our computer desk with a hideous looking calendar on the background so that isn't an image I will treasure. I do, however, like this shot because it gives you a big time after party feeling, also with the rush of moving our plans from been an outdoors party with plenty of room to an indoors one where everyone became rather close, the cake was the only bit of decoration I actually managed to do as planned.

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