Saturday, 30 November 2013

Flashback Friday - Matilda Mae and The Lullaby Trust

Back in February I came across the story of Jennie from Edspire, who lost her 9 month old baby girl to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome ( also known as Cot Death). She put her gorgeous and healthy angel to bed one evening not knowing that her baby would never wake up again.

Matilda Mae was this beautiful smiley girl, she left behind her parents, her brother and sister and they all miss baby Tilda very much. Jennie finds comfort on writing her blog and by doing that she opened a window into her world of suffering and bereavement. Her words are sad but powerful and beautiful and filled with love.

By writing about her loss Jennie brought home the fact that Sudden Infant Death is real, it does happen. On the night when i read her story, I dried my tears then rushed into Harry's room to make sure he was ok. My boy was sound asleep. My heart was pounding and the tears wouldn't stop. I think every mother who read her story felt her pain - you don't really know what that pain is until it happens to you of course but the fear of losing a child is real for most of us.

At the time my lill guy was suffering from ear infections on and off and we had clothes and blankets hanging over the sides of his cot, it was practical having them to hand during the night. That evening I took them away, took anything that was in his cot. He didn't even used to roll over but I couldn't risk having a cushion on his bed. That night I struggled to sleep, Jennie struggles to sleep every night.

Over 300 babies still die every year of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), in the UK.

Every year there are another 300 Baby Tilda, 300 Jennie. Parents are left with their arms empty, they have no baby to hold. 

Through Jennie I've learnt of The Lullaby Trust, they provide families with support and advice. They fund research on SIDS and provide support to families affected by sudden death of a baby or toddler.

I'm lucky enough to have a healthy and lively child at home. I'm lucky for waking up to his smiles every morning. Every night i pray for him to have a long and happy life, I love him so much my heart aches. The thought of not being able to kiss my boy, getting his cuddles, hearing his laughter, that alone is unbearable.

Every time I read one of Jennie's posts I wish I could hug her and take away her pain, unfortunately that is not possible. I have then decided to help in a more practical way, by helping to spread the word about the Lullaby Trust and raising funds for their research and support services.

So this December I will wear a silly Christmas Jumper to work every Friday in hope that people will sponsor me and help raising funds for the Lullaby Trust. All details will go online in a few days, after all, the first Friday is 6 days away. For now you can help spreading the word. I'll be tweeting under #christmasjumperfridays and sharing information here on the blog and on our Facebook page. Our JustGiving page will be live soon so please, watch this space!

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  1. i love that you are wearing a festive friday jumper to raise money for such a worthwhile cause . i cannot belive that 9 months have passed since MM died - and i cannot believe even more how much strength Jennie has. i have so muhc respect and admiration for her .
    i wish you lots of luck and hope you raise lots of money x x

  2. Hi Jenny, thank you for stopping by and for your support. I shall be working hard this week to but a funny Christmas jumper together :)


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