Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Christmas starts here!

So on Monday I dressed Harry on a very cute Christmas jumper and set off to London Bridge to my first networking event in the past couple of years.

I was looking forward to meeting other bloggers and starting to build bridges. It was an event sponsored by Morrisons, where they show cased their Christmas range - so I was also looking forward to eating some mince pies and to getting myself into Christmas mode.

Of course I was late, as usual - which is silly since I live in east London and it didn't take me that long at all getting there - and by the time I arrived people were already having a nice hot drink and chatting away.

Now, I don't know what sort of stupid idea was it that made me believe I'd be able to take Harry to an event like that and still talk to anyone else. From the second I let him off his pram the lill guy was running up and down the room, like a lion cub that has just been set free on the wild.

See, in general he is a real good boy but he is also real active and will run back and forth until he is knackered - and that's exactly what happened, for a whole hour he would run from one side of the room to another completely oblivious to the great tips from Executive Chef of Product Development at Morrisons chef Neil Nugent was giving us all.

Yes, I was the crazy mum with the ultra active little boy wearing a Santa hat. Which is one of the reasons why all the photos I have of him look like this


It's a shame I could not interact with people properly - I did however managed to nod and say sorry for all the running around  - but between keeping an eye out for the little runner and sampling some of the gorgeous Christmas desserts they had laid out for us, I at least, managed to note a few of Nugent's cooking tips.

My favorite one was about NOT boiling potatoes when making mash or roast potatoes. We call it part-boiling but really we should cook it in hot water for about 10 minutes until its fluffy but not let it boil. check!

He also said that we should not cover the Turkey with foils as that will steam it and, in turn, over cook it. Neil also recommended lard as a suitable replacement to butter to make your Turkey a dairy free dish.

I didn't managed to try that much of the food either - there was a lot on offer and lill guy had gingerbread biscuits and chocolate panettone and all sorts of sugary treats we don't usually give to him - but I did have a bite of Hot Chocolate Fudge Crown which not only will look great as part of the Christmas table but it was delicious, moist and rich. I also love the look of Roonie The reindeer Cake.

the happiest Gingerbread Man I've ever seeing

I might buy this one a decoration this year, isn't it beautiful?

Morrisons has over 700 items on their Christmas Menu and - I think  it's safe to day - one of the best Mince Pies in town! fact I'm having one right now with a cup of tea, you help me remembering everything that happened on Monday!

All in all it was a great event and such a lovely way to kick start the festive season, hopefully next time I actually talk to people. Well done and thank you BritMums for putting this together and Morrisons for your great Christmas selection this year!...and the delicious goodies bag :)

After all that dessert eating and a two hours kip on his way home, a quick stop for a little healthy bite to eat, after all, it isn't Christmas just yet!

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  1. I spotted your gorgeous little fella amongst the masses and we're all mummies so I'm certain no one minded one little bit. Well done for even getting there :)


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