Sunday, 24 November 2013

Not so Silent Sunday

We had a busy few days this week, which isn't unusual on this time of the year. With me working Thursday to Sunday there isn't much time left to enjoy family life together but that is only for a few weeks and come Christmas I'll finally be able to take some much needed time off work.

Of course having a ultra active toddler at home is "holidays mummy but not as you know it". still, not having to commute or rush around to get chores done is already a good break.

Until then I'll try to enjoy myself, family and friends the best I can.

Today I meet a very dear friend for some child-free catch up accompanied by cheese and wine, not a bad end to a work week is it?

Tomorrow we start the week networking with other bloggers at the Christmas Networking event put together by BritMums. I have been looking forward to what will be my first blog related event in two year.

It seemed hard at first, the thought of taking Harry with me but then BritMums started nice buzz on Twitter and helped me realized I wont be the only one trying to look after a toddler between a chat and a canape.

So here is to the start of a lovely week and the count down to Christmas - 1 month to go!!!!!

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