Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve, lights and a prayer for Matilda Mae

Tonight as families settle in for days of celebration please spare a thought for those who are missing their oved ones.

Tonight as Harry went to bed I gave him my bless, as every night, and said a little prayer as I always do, whenever im going to bed myself, I'll pray again and, as always, thank god for allowing our boy to have a happy and healthy life and beg for it to be a long one.

Tonight, thinking of my boy and the never ending love I carry for him I pray for those families who had their little angels taken away far too early.  I pray for Matilda Mae, the miracle baby who was too precious for earth and had to go live with angels. I pray that on this Christmas Day her family can find peace in their hearts.

Tonight I take a moment from my own family's celebrations to ask people to help The Lullaby Trust by donation and telling people about it, so they can help stopping Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and help those families I now pray for. Just go to www.justgiving.com/Aida-Leal and donate. 

I wish you all a Christmas of light and peace. 

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