Friday, 13 December 2013

Wearing a Jumper for children

So Christmas Jumper Day is upon us and there are some amazing looking people all around wearing their festive garments to raise money for Save The Children.

If you haven't been in the moon for the past week you might know that I have also been doing that to raise money for The Lullaby Trust - read all about it here - but today, as Westfield Stratford is donating £10 to Save The Children - toe very blog post about Christmas Jumper Day, just tweet the link to @westfieldlondon- I thought I'd share this selfie of me and the bosses.

In my head all goes to charities that helps kids so I'm super happy to get involved.

Unfortunately I'm stuck at work today so can't explain much of what's going on but you can find much more info here.

Also if you have a spare pound or time to tell people to donate, please get donating and spread the word about #christmasjumperfridays

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