Wednesday, 12 January 2011

the gap

last July i went back home for holidays and when we came back things were mad. I was already thinking about finding a new job but that became a necessity since I was working very little and the pay, therefore, very little as well, really, not enough to pay the bills.
so back from the beautiful hilly Belo Horizonte I had to look for a job whilst trying to juggle the finances.
Mid October and I found something, not the job of my dreams, not with events as it was meant to be, not the best pay but enough and, most definitely, the worst hours but the company was good and my credit card statement was haunting me in my dreams.
All that to explain why is it that I haven't posted for months as the new job is really busy and is taking most of my time. For months I didn't even cook much, ended up putting on about 2 kilos because of take aways and late meals, it really isn't easy to find energy for good housekeeping after a 48 hours work week filled with late night finishing.
In came December and no matter what, Christmas will always be my favorite part of the year, so I've invited a friend, came up with the menu, done the shopping and made sure to have a lot of fun during my first proper time off since July.
One of my dearest friends is living in Dublin for a while, to study English and came over for her first trip to London and to spend Christmas and new year's with us, it was great. Lost of food and lots of drinks...certainly I've put on about 1kg during those 2 weeks but who doesn't?
I got a lot to catch up on here but I thought I'd start with a great find we've done on Christmas eve:

We had gin and we had tonic but during my very busy week I forgot to get us some lime so I've used the Clementine we had to come up with a new Christmas drink - December Gin and Tonic!!!

1 shot of gin - I love Gordon's but I'm sure the will be even better brands out there
1/2 a small Clementine cut into wedges
a few drops of Clementine juice
ice and tonic to top it up - i use slim line tonic just coz I'm a girl but be my guest and go wild!!!

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