Saturday, 9 July 2011

a couple of weeks ago I discovered this great healthy eating plan names Diet Solution Program, the whole idea is to eliminate processed foods and eat loads of delicious fresh, natural and organic foods that will nourish you and keep you healthy allowing your body to slowly get into the correct weight.

this recipe is just a sample of a great meal that was well within the DSP and still is the kind of thing I would've cooked on a lazy Saturday morning which was the case today.

One thing has to be said, this is no miracle solution, I'm finding relatively easy but have gradually started cutting down on processed foods months ago but I see on the website - they have a really good community as a support tool - that some people struggle a bit, mostly when they went from being junk food addicts to a brand new super healthy life style.

I will be talking a bit more about the philosophy behind this program but for now I leave you with this very simple but super healthy recipe:

OMELET (lactose free by the way, I think for the first time in my life i am eating omelets without lashes of cheese)

2 eggs
1 rash of bacon (make it organic and without Nitrate)
1/2 cup of peppers
1/2 cup of spinach
3 olives
1 shallot
2tsp of butter
salt, pepper and dried chives for seasoning.

beat the eggs with salt and pepper to taste.reserve
put the butter into a cold frying pan (I actually use a wok because mine is non stick) and add the chopped shallots, its important that the pan is cold at the beginning at this will allow the butter to heat up slowly.
do not let the butter go brown, put the shallots to the side and pour in the eggs. add all the other ingredients and then turn the omelet. that is it! read and delicious!!!
I am on a gluten, lactose and grain free week and that is why there was no cheese and I did not serve it with bread.

note: the first 2 weeks you can choose to go gluten and lactose free, this is basically to give me a kick start and after loosing 800g in 5 days I have to say it's working!

I will be back with more details about the ideas behind the program and loads more great recipes!!!

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