Monday, 6 June 2011

today's menu and my porridge ord deal

I don't usually bother about porridge but lately I just fancy it, so much so that I've order a box or some really good crunchy oats with our food shopping this weekend.
Woke up today, done my quick yoga and went for it...on the breakfast menu I had porridge with cinnamon and least I wish I had.
1st time around the whole thing worked really well (making porridge hardly needs a recipe as much as timing instruction)...after cooking for a couple of minutes what I had was a paste rather than the creamy consistency I was looking for. Adding a bit of milk should sort it out...if only my soy milk wasn't off. yes, and as soy milk doesn't really smell of anything - even when it's off - I only realized it when I saw the yogurt like consistence type of fluid on the top of my porridge.

had to start again. 

2nd time around..everything perfect..nice and creamy just as I like. but I decided to pop in the microwave for another 30 seconds..bad decision. the whole thing over flowed and only half of the porridge remained in the bowl...I was decided to have my porridge so even half a portion would do. I reached to my spices cupboard for the cinnamon and when my nose got a whiff of cumin I realized that I had to stop trying for porridge and just have my good old smoothie...unf

unfortunately i did not take this it from one of those cute and funny emails about cats!!
at the end my menu today was like this:

smoothie (1 banana + hand full of raspberries + 2tbsp of fromage frais + 1tbsp of seeds and grains) and 1 brown rice cake with peanut butter

mid morning snack
4 rice cakes (brown rice) with 30g of cream cheese

brown rice with prawns and mixed vegetables on a spring onion sauce

afternoon snack
1 activia with agar agar

3 of my ham and avocado wraps

the head of marketing came back from holiday bringing chocolates and even enjoying them I had only about 1150 calories all day so I'm happy!!!

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  1. I wish I could eat only 1,200 calories a day... I'm probably doing close to 4,000! LOL!

    Your meals today sound delicious!


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