Sunday, 10 July 2011

to be or not to be organic?

since I moved to the UK I keep on asking myself what the advantages of organic foods might be. The reason I never had to ask that before is that I grew up eating fresh foods from farmers market there are just about anywhere in Brazil, also in every family there is always the one person with a country house that will bring fresh produce and distribute to all on very much a weekly basis. Of course on the supermarkets you are likely to buy fruit and veggie that were sprayed with pesticides however the very fact that organic natural foods are so widely available and often for a much better price I really never had to think about it.
After a lot of reading I come to a conclusion that if you happy with eating veggies that were sprayed with poisoning and meat coming from animals that were fed hormones and antibiotic then why bother paying more? in the other hand if you are not happy about it then the - not so big - price difference is probably worth the health benefits.
I admit it can be hard to find the right stuff all at the one place and living in a place like London certainly does not help however if you do start by switching meats, poultry and eggs for organic grass fed versions then you are already doing your body a good deal.
when it comes to fruit and veggie,for now, I am concentrating on washing them thoroughly; using vinegar and lime like my mum used to do ad a way to eliminate as much pesticide as possible. Of course it also helps a lot to eat seasonal foods as they are likely to contain less poisoning than those that were forced to grow out of their natural season.
anyways on my pursuit for a better life style i came across this program that not only is based on this idea but on a number of many other very interesting principals my dear friend and acupuncturist Christina Collie rhave always spoke to me about. I'll talk more about the program here, slowly but surely.

Based on all the above my lovely breakfast today was a very simple place of smocked salmon (only salmon and salt no other preservatives) and an organic hard boiled egg. I just seasoned it with salt and pepper a a bit of dry chives with a TSP of extra virgin organic olive oil. the smoothie was made with 1/2 cup of coconut milk, 1 banana and some cinnamon. Just lovely!!!

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