Thursday, 14 July 2011

looking at this breakfast would you say I am on a diet??? of course not, just as well because I am not, I am working hard on changing my eating habits and make sure that only natural - non toxic - deliciously healthy foods and most definitely am not in a diet.
well...working on the perfect balance between protein, carbs and fat isn't as hard as you might think, specially with a little help from the Diet Solution Program - NOT diet solution that's more like it...I'm feeling great and amazing myself with the fact that I no longer crave foods.
Those that grew up with me know that I have always been a bit addicted to food, talking, thinking, researching and writing about it all the time. Well still write about it and think about it and certainly care about it only now my body seams happy enough for my brain not to full me into eating foods that will not be any food for me.

breakfast today was 1 slice of sprouted wholegrain bread, 1 egg (I "fried" it in a tsp of organic butter - heat the pan slowly, just enough to melt the butter but don't let it burn or turn brown otherwise something extremely healthy actually becomes bad for you. Break the egg and cook until preferred consistency, I like my oaks soft and runny ), 1 slice of bacon and a smooth made of 1 lovely sweet mango and 1/2 cup of organic coconut will be sooooooo cream and delicious the rest of your day will be just perfect!

and you? any ideas for a healthy and delish breakfast? share with us!

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  1. I normally fry eggs with that 1 cal spray, it works fine!


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