Thursday, 20 September 2012

a new toy for my boy

a couple of weeks ago I decided to help Harry improving his motor skills and he actually amazed me by holding a teething ring with his whole hand and happily shake the stuff around, until the chunky bit of it hit his face and he didn't enjoy it so much,
Today on a little trip to the Mothercare I found myself walking around the Early Learning Centre aisles and thinking of how wonderful it will be when my little one starts playing with stacking cups and cubes and all sorts of colorful toys. I love the idea of him playing around and having fun but of course love the idea of not having to work as hard to keep him entertained. Well i say work hard but that is very recent, up to a few days ago all he needed to keep himself occupied was his big red helium balloon.
All I know is that with his tiny newborn phase now gone I am loving watching my little monkey getting excited about colorful toys, even if it is just a big red balloon.

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