Friday, 21 September 2012

Money matters

Went to the office today to talk about going back to work, I know, very early after all Harry is only 14 weeks but it turns out I might be able to work from home so I decided to jump in as soon as possible before someone else did.

We are still discussing the details but if I do manage to work part time from home that will be amazing.
The company I used to work for - where I was really happy, used to love my team and was building a lovely career withing the events industry - went under last year, when I was in the end of my 2 month of pregnancy.

Luckily I have left my previous job in really good terms and once I emailed one of the company's owner soon I received a lovely reply and a job offer. Even though changing jobs at that stage meant I was no longer entitled to statutory maternity leave (up to 1 year) It was such a relief to know I would have a job during pregnancy. When I heard of administration I was already starting to imagine how our little boy's life was going to be, with me out of work we wouldn't be able to rent a bigger place and he would have to share a tight space with mum and dad.

I was even more fortunate when - on my last week of work, about a month before Harry was born - I was offered a permanent contract by the current company which meant I had a job to go back to.

The only problem? maternity allowance only lasts for 39 weeks and my little boy will be only 8 months by the time I am running out of money. Even worse, because the income cut off for Tax Credit Benefit is now £26k we are not entitled to any help at all so from February I'll no longer have an income.

I really don't like the idea of leaving my boy on childcare on a full time basis, let alone at this young age. I do find socializing is important from very early but i don't want my baby to be raised by nursery assistants or a childminder.

Money won't be amazing and doing some work whilst looking after a baby on my own will be hard work - I could do my work in the evenings but lets face it, until he starts sleeping through the night that isn't really an option as by the time he goes down I'm on my last legs.

All in all it's been good news and after very anxious week looking at prices for nurseries I can't afford and where I don't want to send my boy to any time soon, i can finally calm down and enjoy my little bundle knowing we still have some time to enjoy each other before i actually need to go back to the office.

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