Saturday, 22 September 2012

Big boy

When Harry first came home from hospital he used to sleep in his moises just by my bed. It certainly was easy to handle the night feeds as he was just there. About a month ago we moved him to his big cot bed on the other side of the bedroom, he was very happy as he had already out grown the moises and now he had real room to move about - during sleep.
Now I had to get use to actually getting off my bed in the middle of the night. i used to be able to put the dummy back in his mouth just by stretching my arm and now I had to get up, get that sorted and go back to bed praying he would sleep for a bit longer.
If anything moving him to the cot was really good to weaned me off having the baby by my side all night.
Today the time came to move Harry into his own room, baby monitor on the ready and lets see how mummy will cope with the separation and having to get up and go to another room for the 3am feed. I say lets see how mummy does it as little boy has being out cold for hours and as far as he is concerned providing he is nice and cozy his bed is to sleep no matter where his bed is.

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