Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Just one night

Most mums with a 3 month old baby would be over the moon if their little ones only woke up once a night and trust me i know how precious that is, specially because that's what Harry has done since he was about a month and a half still I have to say sleep deprivation is taking it's toll on me.

We all know babies don't sleep much and we all expect sleepless nights once the little bundles are born however when you haven't had a night's sleep for months before the arrival of your little one, the smallest things can become a nightmare.

The last time I can remember sleeping well was about October last year, since then between being made redundant about a month after I found out I was pregnant, 24/7 sickness from 1st trimester, hormones playing havoc with me bio clock during 2nd trimester and endless trips to the loo on the 3rd one  I found myself sleeping only a few hours a night whenever I slept at all.

Result? These days I walk around with achy heavy eyes, can't really concentrate much on anything and will eventually feel grumpy and very irritable.

How to cope with it? Who knows. The whole sleep when baby sleeps only worked for a few of weeks as my mum was here helping us and baby actually used to sleep really well. These days Harry has a few catnaps during the day which usually just gives me enough time to eat or get really take him out for a bit.

My last thought every evening? - I hope tonight is the night he will sleep through, fingers crossed!

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