Wednesday, 26 September 2012

...what a difference a day makes

cheeky smiles after a good night sleep and a 15 minutes feed

So after my rant last night I went to bed, once again, hoping that little Harry would sleep at least until 5am. So at 3am, as my body is very much used to it, i woke up expecting him to wake up to feed and nothing. At 4:20am he winged a little bit, I went to his bedroom and just before picking him up to feed I had an impulse and gave him the dummy and went to lay down on the spare bed in his room.

Guess what? 5am and he was ready to feed.

Even better? The night feed is usually followed by another 3 hours sleep so so by 5:30am I was back in my own bed and, if it wasn't for the downstairs neighbor who always slams the door on her way out to work, I would've slept through to 8:30am. Instead at 7:30 after the door slamming I got up and gave him the dummy again and back to the spare bed until 8:30. doesn't seem like much but for me that was a great night and gave me much needed rest.

Right now he is asleep and I'm hoping the whole longer night event will "become a thing"!

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